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This site has a form interface for adding pages to categories which uses the CategoryTree and SemanticForms mediawiki extensions.


Adding a page to a category

Only pages in the Main, Workspaces, Thematics and File namespaces have the edit with form feature adjacient to the edit tab.

To add a page to a category select the edit with form page and tick the categories that you wish the page to be in.

Browsing Categories

You can browse the categories, start from the top one via the Special:BrowseData page.

Listing pages in a category

To list pages in a category on a page you can use the categorytree element, for example to list all pages in the English category:

<categorytree mode="all" hideroot="on" hideprefix="always"

This will generate:

Occurrence listings and Abstracts

Category pages have the Mediawiki generated listings of files hidden and have a listing of documents which includes descriptions, for example this is the one from the Category:Participatory_Methodologies page:

  include = #Abstract
  shownamespace = false
  noresultsheader = This category currently contains no pages or media.
  goal = pages
  eliminate = categories
  category = Participatory Methodologies

Which generates:

The descriptions are generated from the Abstract level 2 header on the file page, for example File:How wide are the riples.doc is generated using this text:

This is an interim report written by Hannah Beardon and Kate Newman who, 
with others, are exploring the use made by development organisations of 
information produced by the participatory methodologies they may use in 
their work.

Creating a new category

To create a new category that is to be listed on the edit with form page you first need to create a page for it by either constructing the URL in the following form, visiting this URL and editing the page:

Or by creating a link to the category page, from the Thematics:Content page and then clicking the link you have created and from there creating the page.

And then you need to do is add that page to one of the sub-categories by adding putting the new page into a category by adding one of these category links to the page:

[[Category:Media type]]

The hide the automatically generated listing of documents on the Topic pages the name of the page new category needs adding to two rules in the MediaWiki:Common.css page, for example: div#mw-pages {
  display: none;
} div#mw-category-media {
  display: none;

Category relationships

To create relationships between categories you need to add one or more of the following example lines to the category page:

* [[is a sibling of::Category:Multiple Knowledges|Multiple knowledges]]
* [[is a child of::Category:Multiple Knowledges|Multiple Knowledges]]
* [[is a parent of::Category:Development Management|Development Management]] (organisational practice)

These examples are taken from the Category:Culture and the Category:Development pages.

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